"The Power of Weee!"
A Return to Original Medicine - Healthcare as it was for thousands of years.


Info and links below.

Below that is a sample of an entire chapter.

Each chapter is a chakra.

This is a 1-of-a-kind workbook.

check it out!

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And here it is!

Cathryn's new book is on the e-shelves GLOBALLY 

on amazon US, UK, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain as of right now! YEAY!


This book is also available through CreateSpace, subsidiary of Amazon, they are our publishing house and distributor. 
They ship a bit quicker than amazon, so if you gotta have it right now!! LOL This is the place, and here is their link.

Through CS, books are available to certified resellers such as independent bookstores and book resellers. 

The CreateSpace Direct program allows eligible resellers to buy books at wholesale prices directly from CreateSpace. 

So this is great for yoga studios, gift shops, or any retail related businesses.

Also this WORKBOOK will be available to public libraries, 

elementary and secondary school libraries, and libraries at other academic institutions.

I am creating the "LOOK INSIDE" app for her amazon page 

so you can flip through at least the first chapter to see what's inside. 

Each chapter is a Chakra and approximately 40 pages 

Each chapter is laid out the same way. 

Cathryn's format and design is brilliant!

So remember supporters:
Flip through - Write a review!
We will have a surprise bonus gift for those who do!

In perfect Love and perfect Trust of your love and ongoing support. "Simply Cathryn" & TonyD

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