"The Power of Weee!"
A Return to Original Medicine - Healthcare as it was for thousands of years.

                                                          Old Zen Saying: 

                       "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day

                  - unless you are too busy - then you should sit for an hour"

Give yourself permission for a "TIME-OUT" and have a listen for free.

Videos & Audios

"Simply Cathryn": Prayer of Gratitude for Mastering the Present Moment

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TonyD: Chapter 1 - The Holy Grail of Health - The Journey Inward Begins

"Simply Cathryn" A read from her workbook "The Heart Chakra"

TonyD: Simple Medical Chi-Kung for Grounding Yourself - 13 mins

TonyD: Relaxation Meditation - Guided Imagery to Chill-Out by... 41-mins

TonyD: 1st Day of Spring 2017 - Cash Crop dedication

TonyD: Read from "Finding the Alchemist within" - Preface to book