"The Power of Weee!"
A Return to Original Medicine - Healthcare as it was for thousands of years.

                                                          Old Zen Saying: 

                       "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day

                  - unless you are too busy - then you should sit for an hour"

Give yourself permission for a "TIME-OUT" and have a listen for free.

Guided Meditations

There are 4 Guided Meditations that accompany my book, I refer to them as “Journeys

Below is a short version I did on youtube of Guided Meditation #2 for balancing your chakras.

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The first Journey is “Creating Sacred Space - A Shaman's Slumber” grounding physically and metaphysically.
 It is a companion enhancement to Chapter 15 in my book – Master of your thoughts, creating Sacred Space.
It can also serve as a stand-alone meditation for relaxation and as an aid for sleep or an over active mind.
This first session of Guided imagery is designed to relax the physical body, help silence the brain of logic, and allow the heart of emotion to accept all that is, as to bring the total body into a sense of balance where it can begin to heal itself.
This guided meditation can be listened to daily; during a quiet time or when going to sleep.  It is also the precursor to the other 3 meditations in this series.  They work like building blocks for self-healing…. Consider this one the foundation.

The second Journey is “Channeling Reiki for Chakra Synchronicity”
We will activate the chakras one by one, while clearing and balancing them.  This session of guided imagery is focused on the energy centers of the body and is a companion enhancement to Chapter 10, inner and outer energy, Chapter 11, The Chakras, and Chapter 16, the alchemist at work.
The energy centers of the body are a snapshot of our internal health and well-being moment to moment.  The culmination of these energies create the aura, our outer energy.  This meditation is about balance, harmony and peace of mind.
Our environment, people in our view, pets and anything in nature responds to our external energy.  If we are constantly stressed, every living thing around us senses, knows and responds to this… which creates more stress.
If we are at peace with ourselves, all of nature around us will be as well.  Good vibes creates a harmonious existence.  This will translate into relaxation, restful sleep, joyful encounters and an awareness of - and belonging to - all of nature.

The third Journey in this series is called “Energetic Chakra Healing of Bodily Systems”
This guided meditation is an integral instrument in the self-orchestration of self-healing.  It is the crucial activity for the imagination in manifesting homeostasis in Chapter 13, Preparation for the Journey, Chapter 16 the Alchemist at work, Chapter 18, letting go of this for that, and Chapter 20, the sacred labyrinth – the journey inward.
In this meditation we will take it to the next level of healing.  I will specifically bring you into conscious awareness of each of your body’s systems according to the chakra that governs them.
By doing this we will bring awareness to each system and see its organs and connective tissues functioning properly, releasing any negative energy there, and promote healing on all levels… physical, emotional, mental and energetic.  

And the fourth Journey is
“Holographic Energetic Healing Session of Body, Mind & Spirit”
Based on Chapter 6, the body and healing it.  This session of channeled imagination and guided imagery is focused on becoming the Alchemist, stepping into total responsibility and belief in yourself, your abilities and your outcomes.  It is also the physical embodiment of chapter 21, full shamanic healing session, and chapter 20 the sacred labyrinth of self-healing.

As I mentioned earlier; Journey #1 can be a stand-alone meditation, without the book for reference, guidance or explanations.  However, Journeys, 2, 3 and 4 can be as well.  If you find one in your view, then that is what you need at that moment. 

Journey #2 is available at the bottom of this page.  The status of the others is as follows:

AUDIO RECORDINGS - Guided Meditations & Workshops - Companion Enhancements to the Book

Journey #1  Creating Sacred Space - A Shaman's Slumber

Journey #2  Channeling Reiki for Chakra Synchronicity  

Journey #3  Energetic Chakra Healing of Bodily Systems  

Journey #4  “Holographic Energetic Healing Session of Body, Mind & Spirit” 

The sample above is set to run the full 45 minute Meditation.  Have a listen and enjoy! 

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